Young Writers Contest

The Contest is On!

Our 43rd Annual Young Writers Contest is underway. Please review the rules and judging criteria and submit your work below. We welcome submissions in multiple categories. Winners will be notified via email in May, and prizes will be distributed at an award celebration in early June.

Deadline For Submissions: Friday, March 31, 2023 at 11:59 pm. NO EXTENSIONS.

Rules and Judging Criteria

The competition will be judged by a panel of professional writers and publishers. Criteria include creativity, style, originality, and correct spelling and grammar. Each entry must not exceed 2,500 words.

You may submit a maximum of one piece in each of the 3 categories (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry). For multiple submissions, submit a new application for each entry.

These entries may be any of your work, including school assignments, as long as:

Awards Given in Each Category

Middle School: First Prize: $100 - Second Prize: $50 - Third Prize: $25 - Honorable Mention: Certificate

High School: First Prize: $100 - Second Prize: $50 - Third Prize: $25 - Honorable Mention: Certificate

We are thrilled to announce that winners of this year's Young Writers Contest will have the opportunity to be featured in an upcoming issue of Stroll Chappaqua! The magazine is all about bringing our community together by hearing the voices and stories of our neighbors. We couldn't be more proud to be able to celebrate, print, and share the works of talented young writers in our community, and we are grateful to partner with Stroll Chappaqua to bring their work to your mailbox.

Questions? Send an email to

Congratulations to the 2022 Authors! 

In 2022, we received over 200 submissions from middle and high school writers throughout the Chappaqua Central School District. The authors of the winning nonfiction, fiction, and poetry works were celebrated at an award ceremony on June 1st, 2022. Please see below for a list of the winners and to view their written work.

The Linda J. Zhang Award for Writing Achievement 2022: Devisi Goel

The Linda J. Zhang Award for Writing Achievement is sponsored by the Linda J. Zhang Foundation, in remembrance of Linda. The award is given toward a gifted Chappaqua student that has shown a special dedication and achievement in writing showcased in the Young Writers Contest consistently over the years.

Congratulations, Devisi!

Winners of the 2022 Young Writers Contest

High School Nonfiction

First Place: Anonymous, 10th Grade, Respire

Second Place: Roshan Dhand, 9th Grade, Contemplations of a Candy Criminal

Third Place (tie): Netra Easwaran, 11th Grade, Anubhav, An Unapologetically Indian Experience

Third Place (tie): Dani Halperin, 10th Grade, My Grandpa's Diary 

Third Place (tie): Alexa Troob, 10th Grade, Maybe Tomorrow

Honorable Mention: Nate Johnston, 10th Grade, Growing Up Asian

Honorable Mention: Joyce Chen, 11th Grade, Idea of Ancestry

High School Fiction

First Place (tie): Cassidy Weddle, 10th Grade, Through the Looking Glass Darkly

First Place (tie): Hudson Warm, 11th Grade, Lola

Second Place (tie): Daphne Cao, 11th Grade, Split

Second Place (tie): Rena Hollister, 10th Grade, Always and Forever

Third Place: Devisi Goel, 11th Grade, The Rivers of Time 

Honorable Mention: Ian Cressman, 10th Grade, The Perfect City

Honorable Mention: Netra Easwaran, 11th Grade, Precious Fairy

High School Poetry

First Place: Tessa Wheeler, 11th Grade, Whip Stitch

Second Place: Neel Roy, 10th Grade, Injustice

Third Place: Alexa Troob, 10th Grade, A Hummingbird's Schedule  

Honorable Mention: Gabrielle Wheeler, 11th Grade, Why'd you do it?

Honorable Mention: Maya Schwartzreich, 9th Grade, I Need to Be More Like a Bird

Middle School Nonfiction

First Place: Warren Fu, 8th Grade, U-turning on the International Highway

Second Place: Gloria Moraes, 8th Grade, Failing and Falling

Third Place (tie): Eliza Fink, 8th Grade, Misogyny in the Music Industry

Third Place (tie): Serene Jourdy, 7th Grade, The U.S. Should Shift to a Vegetarian-Based Diet 

Honorable Mention: Naveen Talla, 8th Grade, Fact or Fiction: Misinformation and How to Identify It

Middle School Fiction

First Place: Arjun Jangi, 6th Grade, Bahadur

Second Place: Olivia Regan, 7th Grade, Night of the Moon

Third Place (tie): Violet Clinton, 6th Grade, Clarisse's Story

Third Place (tie): Nicolas Tejada Tilghman, 6th Grade, The Only Road Home

Third Place (tie): Bailey Card, 8th Grade, This Cycle

Honorable Mention: Zoya Nabeel, 8th Grade, Mirchi Masala (Pour a Little Mirchi Masala On It)

Honorable Mention: Hadley Robertson, 8th Grade, Beneath the Surface

Honorable Mention: Calvin Xu, 7th Grade, Countdown

Middle School Poetry

First Place: Arjun Jangi, 6th Grade, One Day

Second Place: Jude Al-Mufti, 8th Grade, Dahlia's in Darkness

Third Place: Patrik Ula, 7th Grade, Soldier Mom

Honorable Mention: Wania Syeda, 8th Grade, Gone

Honorable Mention: Sophia Levenson, 8th Grade, 6 Paces to Truth

Honorable Mention: Caroline Sunwoo, 6th Grade, Stress

Congratulations to the 2021 Winners!

You can find a list of the 2021 Winners here.

New Award for the 2021 Young Writers Contest

The Linda J. Zhang Award for Writing Achievement is sponsored by the Linda J. Zhang Foundation, in remembrance of Linda. The recipient of the inaugural award, Erica Dunne, was a senior at Greeley. Erica had won multiple awards in the Young Writers Contest, in multiple categories: poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Congratulations, Erica!

Erica Dunne with the Zhang Family